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Nautical Publications

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  • All Publications are available in PDF format.
  • Publication Updates Subscription: To accommodate customers who experience difficulty accessing the World Wide Web, NGA provides a Subscription Service whereby notification of publication updates are delivered via e-mail message to the requesting address. In addition, subscribers will receive an e-mail notification when a publication new edition is released. In order to subscribe, customers must visit the Publication Updates Subscription page. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the requesting e-mail address from NGA's Subscription Service provider. Instructions to unsubscribe from the Service are also included in each subscription e-mail.
  • The information contained in certain types of publications is maintained in an on-line database. For these publications - List of Lights, Radio Navigational Aids, World Port Index, and USCG List of Lights - up-to-date information can be retrieved by using the Database Query tools supplied.
  • Adobe Reader software is required to view documents in PDF format. Visit the Adobe Website to download a free copy of Adobe Reader.
  • To view detailed instructions for viewing, downloading, and installing digital publications, click here.