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US Notice to Mariners

The US Notice to Mariners provides timely marine safety information for the correction of all US Government navigation charts and publications from a wide variety of sources, both foreign and domestic. To ensure the safety of life at sea, the information published in the Notice to Mariners is designed to provide for the correction of unclassified nautical charts, the unclassified NGA/DLIS Catalog of Hydrographic Products, United States Coast Pilots, NGA List of Lights, USCG Light Lists, and other related nautical publications produced by NGA, NOS and the USCG.

The US Notice to Mariners corrects NGA and NOS charts using information collected from many sources, among them the Local Notice to Mariners published by the nine US Coast Guard Districts. The US Notice to Mariners will contain only those chart corrections of interest to ocean-going vessels.

Copies of the US Notice to Mariners dating back to issue 29/1999 are available for viewing and downloading.

Summary of Corrections publications, separated into five regional Volumes, contain a summary of Notice to Mariners corrections issued from the edition date of each chart or publication product up to the "Corrected through NTM" number of the Volume.

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