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Printing Instructions

Notice to Mariners Graphic Corrections (Chartlets, Depth Tabulations, and Notes)

The graphic chart corrections that appear in the Notice to Mariners are supplied herein as JPEG (.jpg) files. To download and print these JPEG files at the proper scale:

  1. In the Notice to Mariners database query results, right mouse-click on a file's hyperlink, choose "Save Target As..." (or "Save Link Target As...") from the menu list, and use the file browser to select a directory location for the downloaded JPEG file.
  2. Open the downloaded file with an image editing software that is capable of displaying and printing JPEG images at the proper scale (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Editor, JASC Paint Shop Pro, etc.). Printing JPEG files from an Internet browser is not recommended, since most browsers do not provide adequate image scaling controls.
  3. Before printing, ensure that the image is displayed and will be printed at either "100%" or "actual size". Consult the software users manual for help with display and print scale settings.
  4. In the absence of any image editing programs, JPEG image files can be inserted into a Microsoft PowerPoint slide and printed at scale. In a blank slide, select Insert > Picture > From File... and browse to the disk location of the JPG image file. Since PowerPoint slides are "landscape" oriented by default and most chartlets are "portrait" oriented, you may need to change the slide orientation to "Portrait" under the File > Page Setup... menu option before inserting a chartlet file.